Challenge: Create a game teaching kids about recycling, stormwater pollution, and landfill reduction. Make it both easy to use for kindergarteners and challenging enough to keep the interest of sixth graders.
Process: A user study of children age kindergarten through sixth grade, boys, and girls, using various games and providing feedback on interest, challenge, and engagement. The results provided valuable information that would guide my choices in how to make the game simple enough for Kindergarteners but challenging enough for users who believed that sites like Nick Jr. where for babies. Each segment was started with an educational video and an interactive character which was followed by a game reinforcing the message and completed with a questions and answer portion that tested user knowledge. Completing the quiz resulted in unlocking featured content. 
Results: Using rewards and inclusion as an incentive to complete the game, resulted in the user's learning the lessons of recycling and landfill reduction, I created a detailed user flow and annotated wireframes into a clickable prototype that had three levels of difficulty ramping up based upon age. This enabled the younger children to complete the activity but also keep the older children challenged and engaged. The client was pleased with the results exceeding expectations for achieving business requirements.
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