The 2 guys teaching 10 minutes to learn Html video asked me to create a cover for their video. I was happy to put together something light hearted and fun that illustrated the teachers presenting the idea all on one image. letting the image reinforced the title and the clearly defined subject. This was a lot of fun to work on. This piece is hand drawn starting with pencil and sketched out. I showed this to the client and they liked where it was going, from there I refined the lines and tightened up the sketch so it was pen and ink ready. At this stage, you are inevitably going to make a small mistake here or there like overlapped tips from line connections and if you are like me, you are going to want to smooth them out so they look perfect. To help with this I used Duraleen drawing paper which has a very slick surface and tiny mistakes can be carefully scratched off with an Exacto knife. It's a lot better than having to starting completely over.  Next is marker colors, I like marker colors because if done the right way and using marker paper you can really blend color and it maintains a hand drawn texture so it has a natural look vs computer graphics. For the next part, coloring, I scan in the line drawing and have it printed on marker paper. This way I have a few copies because markers are very unpredictable. On my first paid intricate hand illustrated project I learned the hard way when my marker suddenly gushed dark ink in a puddle on the almost complete highly detailed calendar drawing. I had to redraw everything from the beginning. A hard lesson learned, but a good one.  
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