CHALLENGE: Tasked to create an Android Honeycomb tablet application for Cnet. Cnet has an extensive listing of products covering all genres. Ideating a navigation system that can accommodate the CNET format was the difficulty Matthew McLemore was asked to solve. 
PROCESS: Matthew started by researching the CNET website and current tablet navigations systems, he also compiled research of unique navigation systems found on all devices and operating systems. Matthew used an in-house user study to see how the majority of users held the tablet device as research into tablet navigations systems showed that designs where currently following web-based design patterns. Findings showed users on the go used both hands to hold the tablet and more often than not used their thumbs to type on the keyboard. Almost all users who held a tablet device when standing or shopping used both hands fingers to the back and thumbs in front. At the time there were no thumb driven navigations systems in use, this was before Microsoft 8 released the new OS with a thumb driven navigation system. Matthew McLemore quickly ideated via hand-drawn wireframes multiple thumb operated tablet navigation systems and tested them for ease of use.
RESULTS: A user-friendly navigation system designed to browse the CNET website along with a thumb driven navigation that was comfortable to use, original and incorporated a filtering system that fit within the circular layout. CBS Interactive executives were pleased with the inventive system. Matthew also designed the dark UI to showcase all products in the Android Honeycomb OS carousel style animation used extensively in the recently released Honeycomb operating system.
User Interactive design and prototype to demonstrate the navigation functionality to the CBS Interactive Design Director and for the presentation to Department Executives.
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