Tasked to design the user experience flow for selling neopets game items and clothing for avatars, within the story line of the game. Create the programatic flow, wireframes and final user interface design. Products would cloth and feed characters put items in character homes and tools to fight other gamers in the MMORPG. This led the way in virtual items sales for many new online games to come.
The user experience started with a flow that followed in game sales with both shopkeepers and virtual real estate agents. This was a fun project with the difficulty of not knowing whether gamers who had always gotten items for points and would convert users to actual cash sales using cards that would be available in retail outlets like Walgreens, Ralphs stores and other affiliated sales outlets. Upon completion the real world sales was an outstanding success giving Neopets over 3 Million dollars after the first year of implementation.
I led the build starting with programmatic flows and worked with developers to define with programming and user experience. We brainstormed with team leads from programming, business development, artists, and marketing to create a positive and accepted integration of cash sales with points based virtual items that users would be happy with and motivated to purchase items with real world money as apposed to points based purchasing. 
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