These are a few samples of user journey maps for clients it was first important to define how a user would access various interaction points depending on the task they wanted to accomplish. In the case of the Ignited User Flow, the primary task of the targeted user personas of which there were three main personas to account for. The first persona was an assistant that was tasked to find ad agencies for their boss so they would want to quickly find work they thought looked good that covered similar vertices their company fell within. They would want to do this quickly and probably would not stay long because they would have other work to do as well. So it was important that they be able to quickly access vertices that fell under their type and to access work they could grab a link to or download a pdf so they could show their boss. 
The second persona group would want to spend more time they would be members who would be working with the ad agency and would have some say in who was chosen they would be looking a bit more high level at key results to define that not only was the work represented applicable but did it accomplish the goals and what where the results of the campaign. 
The third persona would be a final decision maker they would not have a lot of time and would only want the best of the best that covered all the points needed to show good ROI they would want quick concise information the showed this and would want to see a quick video or a downloaded pdf. They would not want to have to look around the site but would want materials presented to them. 
I mapped out the various possible friction points researched via analytics showing a heavy drop off points in the old site so we could build out a new site that spoke to key results had downloadable material with quick links to visual content. 
The campain was successful reflected by an increase in the client base that exceeded results from the year before using the old site. 
User Journey of the On-Boarding process for iOS iPhone app that was already in the app store. I was tasked to do a UX assessment and provide solutions to friction points found.
The user flows represented below were created specifically to address UX issues within existing apps that I was hired to review. the main focus here was on boarding sign up, log-in, password recovery, and asking for user permissions. Drop offs were reduced and denial of user permissions at a systems level dropped from over 60% to under 10%. There was also an increase in user sign ups and because of the updated permissions design pattern an increase in user engagement. 

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